Freeburg Elementary

Freeburg Elementary is a public school in Freeburg, IL serving students in grades 3-8. It is located near Scott AFB. The commute from base to school is less than 20 minutes.

Great Schools has rated this school 9/10. On the 2014-2015 PARCC assessment, 39% of students in language arts and 45% of students in math achieved proficiency or higher. 2014-2015 was the first year this test was given. The community has given this school 5/5 stars. The most recent review is from 2014, and it is positive, with comments about the great staff and faculty.

What MilFams Say:

This school is outstanding! Parents of students receiving special education services felt heard at their IEP/504 meetings. The education team was knowledgeable and knew the child’s case. Parents knew, and understood, their child’s education plan and services. Parents received regular updates about their child’s progress. Overall, the faculty and staff made families feel welcome, taking the time to get to know children personally. Students are supported and challenged academically. There are social and emotional supports in place. The school communicated regularly with parents.