Ellicott Elementary

Ellicott Elementary is a public Pk-5 school in Calhan, CO near Schriever AFB and Colorado Springs, CO. It is located within 20 minutes from base.

Great Schools rated this school 3/10. It also has a Colorado School Grade of C-. On the 2014-2015 state tests, an average of 32.6% of students in math and 34.6% of students in language arts achieved proficiency or higher. These scores are low, and the percentage per grade of students who achieve proficiency declines as the grade level increases. The community has give this school 3/5 stars. There are positive reviews, but the most recent reviews (2016) are very negative. They comment on the school’s lack of commitment and willingness to work with families/students.

What MilFam Say:

This school is subpar. The faculty and staff help families to feel welcome. There is little to no communication from school to families.