Find an Awesome School!

Find your next great school, right now!

PCSing is hard. First, you hurry up and wait for orders. When those finally hit, you need to battle DMO. When movers show up, it’s an all day process. All those boxes to pack and then unpack. And forget about actually getting to your new hometown.

By the end of step one, you’re exhausted. And you haven’t even considered where your children will be going to school!

Instead of stressing about finding a great school, ask for help.

Take one PCS to-do off of your very full plate, and let an expert help you find an awesome school.

I will:

  • locate several wonderful public and/or private schools near your next duty station
  • tailor your recommended schools to your child’s education needs
  • use your BAH and preferred commute times
  • help you connect with your preferred school’s administration
  • assist with communication
  • create a checklist to make enrollment seamless
  • follow-up in September, just to make sure that everything is going well

By allowing me to help you find your next awesome school, you get:

  • professional help weeding through the countless schools available at your new location
  • worry-free house hunting because you already know which district or zone you want to live in (or the reverse!)
  • personalized recommendations based on who your kids really are
  • peace of mind because a super qualified and credentialed teacher has given it the thumbs up
  • less stress because you have one less thing to manage during a crazy PCS
  • easier enrollment with a personalized checklist

Helping families is what I’m all about. It’s the whole reason behind MilKids Ed! My main goal is to make your life as a military family easier, especially when it comes to educating your children.

When you work with me, you get a multi-state credentialed teacher, a military spouse who understands this life, and a momma bear all rolled into one. I won’t recommend a school where I wouldn’t want my own children. And I will use my Master’s in Special Education to totally vet the programs, the curriculum, and the published test scores.

Ready to get started?

This pricing expires on 07/31/2017

Not quite sure? That’s ok! Use my MilKid School Info listings to help narrow down your choices!