Clermont Elementary

Clermont Elementary is a public PK-6 school in Fairfax County. It is reasonably close to Washington, DC, with a variable commute based on location of the service member’s duty station.

Great Schools has rated this school 6/10. On the 2014-2015 SOL test, 81% of students in reading and 82% of students in math school wide achieved proficiency or higher. The community gave this school 4/5 stars. The most recent reviews (2016) highlight this school from both a parent’s and former student’s point of view. The former student believes that their time here was not a positive experience. The parent thinks that this school is balanced and positive.

What MilFams Say:

This school is outstanding! Parents of a child receiving special education services felt heard at their IEP meetings. The education team knew their child’s case, and kept the parents informed of goals, services, and progress. There was regular communication about the IEP. Overall, the faculty and staff are welcoming, taking the time to get to know students personally. Students are offered academic supports and challenges as needed. There are social and emotional support programs. There is regular communication from school to home.