Kate Sessions Elementary School

Kate Sessions is a public elementary school in San Diego Unified School District. It is located in northern Pacific Beach, close to Admiral Hartman military housing. Students living in other areas of SDUSD can choose to attend this school, pending space available. Students with special education needs may also choose this school if it better meets their needs than their assigned neighborhood school.

Distance to the closest base is 15-30 minutes, but there are many bases scattered throughout San Diego City and San Diego County. Driving time may vary depending on your location.

Great Schools gives Sessions Elementary a 10/10 rating. Test scores are exceptionally high when compared to other schools serving similar populations. Community members also rate this school highly, with 4/5 stars. Parents commend the exceptional teachers and committed staff.

What MilFams Say:

  • This school is above average. It is also an International Baccalaureate (IB) school. This school is welcoming to all children, but especially MilKids. There is a club for military children that meets to discuss different military related topics each month. The school also finds other opportunities to honor military families and children for their sacrifices and service.
  • This school is above average. This school is in an area where higher property taxes (average home price $750k) means more money for the school. Plus it is an International Baccalaureate School, which is helpful when coming from/going to international bases. The teachers and staff make families feel welcome, and take the time to get to know students personally. Students are both supported and challenged academically. There are social and emotional supports in place. There is regular communication from school to home.