Pioneer Elementary

Pioneer Elementary is a public K-5 school in Colorado Springs, CO near Peterson and Schriever Air Force Bases. It is under 20 minutes to base.

Great Schools rates this school 7/10. Colorado gives this school a B grade. On the 2014-2015 state assessments, 43% of students in language arts and 36.6% of students in math achieved proficiency or higher. The community gives this school 3/5 stars. Reviews from 2015 and 2016 are definitely mixed. In early 2016, the reviews are very positive. But in several reviews from mid to late 2015, the reviews are definitely negative, with a focus on a subpar administration.

What MilFams Say:

This school is outstanding! There are small class sizes in this small school. It is a family like community, and they really take the time to address concerns and needs based on each child etc. They are very, very aware of allergies and diversity. There are tons of kiddos from all over the world who speak many languages. It is worth it to pay more for housing to get this quality of school. The teachers and staff are welcoming, taking the time to know each student personally. Children are both supported and challenged academically. There are social and emotional supports in place as needed. There is regular communication from the school to families.