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Meg Flanagan!
One-on-One School Success Program
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Meg Flanagan, M.Ed

Meg Flanagan is a teacher and mother with over ten years of experience as an education professional.


She is passionate about helping busy families find sanity at school with no-nonsense solutions to common concerns. Through targeted one-on-one coaching and advocacy, busy parents can find solutions to every school concern!


Meg holds an M.Ed in Special Education and a BS in Elementary Education. She is currently certified in Massachusetts and Virginia. 

School Success Coaching:
End Homework Battles
Homework is a major struggle for so many busy parents. Between juggling work and after school activities, you're going flat out. All. The. Time.
There is no break. Ever.
But your child struggles to finish their homework in a timely manner. There are usually tears. And you are at your wits end!
Meg can help you to conquer homework through personal parent coaching that will teach you:
  • essential techniques that take the stress out of daily homework
  • routines to make homework easier
  • how to customize your child's homework space for their learning style
  • ways to decode Common Core math
School Success Coaching:
Talk to the Teacher
You just dread seeing the teacher's name pop up in your inbox or on your caller ID. It's just so hard to find the right words to say that won't make everything worse, but also will get your point across.
And those parent-teacher meetings. Forget it!
You're feeling the heat before you even step into the room. 
Meg can help you to feel confident and successful when you need to talk to the teacher through one-on-one coachng. You'll get:
  • a formula to use on every email, in every conversation
  • expert review before you hit send
  • pre-meeting planning session to mastermind your next conference
  • tips to use as you plan and script your meetings, emails, and phone calls
Personal Advocacy for Success
Every meeting is a chance to get the best for your child. But getting your message across can be so tough! You feel flustered, emotional, and attacked.
Instead of being walked all over...again, let Meg handle everything for you!
When you work with Meg as your personal, hands-on advocate, you'll get:
  • expert advice based on in-school special education experience
  • personalized communication reviews and management
  • on-call consults as needed
  • virtual or in-person attendance at meetings on request

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