Precious Memories Preschool

Precious Memories is a private preschool serving children from 6 weeks to five years old. It is fairly close to Naval Sub Base New London/Groton.

Great Schools does not have a rating for this school, but does have community reviews. However, there are only two reviews and they are several years old.

There are also several Precious Memories preschools in this area which are not affiliated with each other.

What MilFams Say:

The teachers and staff here were all fabulous – we would go back in a heartbeat! The teachers were quick to work with us to find the best fit preschool class both academically and socially for our son. Staff is professional, communicates well with parents, is friendly and helpful, and has a good sense of military life. The staff/faculty were warm and welcoming, taking the time to get to know each child personally. Children are supported and challenged academically, as well as socially and emotionally. The school communicates regularly with parents.