Bartram Springs Elementary

Bartram Springs is a public elementary schools in Jacksonville, FL located near NAS Jacksonville. It is about 45-60 minutes from base.

Great Schools has rated this school 9/10. The 2014-2015 test scores show that students in grades 3-5 are achieving proficiency at a minimum of 66%, with a high of 91%, in both language arts and math. The community has given this school 4/5 stars. Recent reviews (2016) are overwhelmingly positive. Parents frequently comment on the outstanding faculty and kind staff.

What MilFams Say:

This school is above average. The test scores are higher than the district average, but the school focuses heavily on teaching to the test. The gifted and talented program did not meet student needs. Parents with children enrolled in the special education program did not feel heard at their IEP/504 meetings and felt that the education team did not know the child personally. Parents did not receive regular IEP/504 plan updates or keep families updated about services being provided. Parents did know and understand their child’s IEP goals and objectives. Overall, the faculty and staff did not “know” students personally. Academic help or challenges were not offered, even when requested. Social and/or emotional supports were not offered, even when requested. The school does communicate regularly with parents. Duval Country is considered one of the worst school districts in the state; St. John’s County is close and is perceived to be better.