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Know Your Parental Rights in School

It can sometimes seem like schools are the exclusive realm of the teachers and administrators who work there. With all the jargon, results-based teaching methods, and security, school can be intimidating.

Parents, and guardians, actually have a ton of legal rights when it comes to the education of their children.

Today, let’s learn about your parental rights in school.

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What To Do When You Can’t Seem To Find A School

The orders dropped in March, and you’ve been in planning mode ever since. You organized a massive clothes and toy purge in April. In May, you started to sort and store all of your possessions.

Now, the movers are here and your family is ready to hit the road. That next duty station is beckoning!

Except you haven’t settled on a school yet!

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How To Use School Ranking Sites Like A Pro

Houses, houses everywhere, but not a school I like.

It seemed like we found a good house with everything we wanted (yard, commute, bedrooms), but the schools didn’t have good ratings. Or we found a great school, but the something wasn’t working on the house front. We were either priced out of the district, there wasn’t anything available, or the commute would have been insane! Continue reading “How To Use School Ranking Sites Like A Pro”

Post-Partum Depression and Me

This is a book review of Post-Partum: From Shattered to Sane by Lauren Cecora. I received this book at no cost in exchange for a fair, honest, and truthful review. All opinions expressed are my own. There are links to the product reviewed and the services provided by Lauren Cecora. I receive no compensation for products or services purchased through these links.

One of the major reasons that I transitioned MilKids Ed from casual blog to education coaching business is in pursuit of my personal sanity and overall well-being.

I survived post-partum depression.

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What That Test Score Really Means…

Your kids have just been tested to their limit. They’ve probably had at least a week or two of testing just in the last few months.

Over the whole year, the amount of testing time probably comes close to a full month. I’m really just guessing with that number though.

Now the results of those final tests are coming in. But what do they actually mean?

But what do the test scores actually mean?

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Search for a Summer Tutor Now

“Kids, what is 5×4?”

*blank stares*

“Seriously, you definitely covered this last year! Doesn’t anyone know?”

*more blank stares*

Summer slide.

It’s sooooo real, and teachers are always playing catch-up for the first month or so of school.

Help your teacher and hire a tutor this summer!

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Thanks for a Great Year, Teach!

Eek! June is almost here, and that means school is almost out for summer!

But before you head for the pool, grab a little something for the teachers. I mean, they’ve been spending 40 hours every week with your little darlings.

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Jump Start Your Schoolwork Declutter

It’s in there again…

A GIANT roll of completed work from my daughter’s school. It’s got to be at least 50 individual pages of worksheets. Yes, most of them are tracing or coloring pages, because she is three and in preschool.

And I can’t just throw them away immediately because she would know. 

For older kids, it’s even worse. And with summer coming, a tsunami of stuff will be crashing into your house.

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Springtime Fun for MilKids

Right now, I have every. single. word. of Frozen, The Little Mermaid AND Beauty and the Beast memorized. For this, I would like to give a big “thanks, but but no thanks” to Mother Nature. We’ve been kept inside by rain, wind and cold weather. All of that has lead to some nasty colds, which has lead to more movie time.

If I have to spend ANOTHER rainy, chilly weekend inside with my kids, I might lose my mind.

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Test Destress Tips

Tap. Tap. Tap.

Tap. Tap. Tap.

It’s the sound of pencils nervously hitting the desks as the kids take the never ending standardized tests.

Actually, let’s be real. It’s the clicking of mice and keyboards as the kids take the never ending standardized tests. And if today’s kids are anything like me, they are unbelievably nervous.

Luckily, there are a few easy ways to take a small amount of stress out of the TEST. Continue reading “Test Destress Tips”