Graham Park Middle

Graham Park Middle is a public school in Triangle, VA near MCB Quantico. It is located 15-20 minutes from base.

Great Schools has rated this school 5/10. In 2014-2015, 80% of students achieved proficiency in math, 77% of students achieved proficiency in reading, 73% of students achieved proficiency in science, and 72% of students achieved proficiency in writing. The community has given this school 4/5 stars. Parent reviews are generally positive and comment on the quality of the teachers.

What MilFams Say:

This school is above average.Graham Park is a math/science academy. In 8th grade they have (what seems to be) monthly field trips to DC to visit the museums. Teachers are great and caring as they teach and coach athletics. The gifted and talented program is outstanding. This school is in a lower income area. The teachers are outstanding and provide a great education. The schools makes families feel welcome and go out their way to know students personally. There are academic supports and challenges available. There are social and emotional supports in place. The school communicates regularly with parents.