Mokapu Elementary School

Mokapu Elementary School is a public school located on MCB Hawai’i and serves children in PreK-6th grade.

Great Schools rates this school 7/10. Their most recent test scores show average to high-average scores across all grades and demographics. The community has given this school 3/5 stars. While overall rating is average, recent ratings are low (1-2 stars). Parents express concerns about the amount of homework assigned (no grade specified). They have also commented on the decline in medical services (child being denied access to an EpiPen) and teacher quality.

What MilFams Say:

This school is average with a good principal. Parents of a child who received special education services felt that they knew and understood the IEP or 504 Plan goals and objectives. The faculty and staff was warm and welcoming. Students were academically challenged or supported as needed. Students were supported socially and emotionally as needed.