Kalaheo High

Kalaheo High School is located in Kailua, HI near MCB Hawai’i. It is fairly close to base, with a less than 20 minute commute from school to base.

Great Schools rates this school 9/10. Test scores are at least three years old, and reflect results from tenth graders in 2013. 67% of students achieved proficiency or higher in math. 79% achieved proficiency or high in reading. The community rating is 3/5 stars. Recent ratings (2015) are mixed. Parents seem pleased with the academics, especially the AP and honor program. However, student supervision is an area for concern.

What MilFams Say:

This school is above average. Families felt welcomed at this school, with faculty and staff making the effort to get to know students. Students are supported or challenged academically, as needed. There are social or emotional supports in place for students who need them. The school communicates regularly with families. One MilFam recommends that parents NOT believe the rumors. This school is as good as, or better than, high achieving schools in Northern Virginia.