Morning Creek Elementary School

Morning Creek Elementary School is a public school in the Poway Unified School District near San Diego, CA and MCAS Miramar. The school is fairly close to base, with a 5-15 minute commute from base to school.

The school serves students in grades K-5.

Great Schools rates this school 10/10, with a 5/10 rating for low-income students. The most recent test scores, school year 2014-2015, are in the high-average range. Across demographics and grades, the school had 72% of students proficient or higher in English Language Arts and 69% of students proficient or higher in math.

Parents rate this school 4/5 stars, with recent reviews following that trend. Parents cite a push for parent involvement by the school and dedicated teachers.

What MilFams Say:

This school is outstanding. Teachers go above and beyond for their students to ensure that they are at or above state standards. Students who received IEP/504 services were working with knowledgeable education teams that truly knew each child and their particular case. Parents felt heard at IEP/504 meetings. Parents were kept informed of their child’s progress toward IEP/504 Plan goals. Overall, the faculty and staff are warm and welcoming, taking the time to get to know each child. Students are supported and challenged academically, as needed. Students are also offered social and emotional supports as needed. The school and teachers regularly communicate with parents. While class sizes might be larger, teachers put forth a lot of effort of ensure personalized attention. Parents are welcome and encouraged to volunteer. The staff works together for the benefit of the students.