Jerabek Elementary

Jerabek Elementary is a public school located in Scripps Ranch in San Diego, CA near MCAS Miramar. It is less than 20 minutes from base and serves students in grades K-5.

Great Schools has rated this school 10/10. Test scores from 2014-2015, the most recent year available, show that 78% of students in language arts and 81% of students in math achieved proficiency or higher. The community has given this school 4/5 stars The most recent reviews (2014) indicate high parent satisfaction with the academic rigor and teaching staff.

What MilFams Say:

This school is outstanding! They use the Just Think Literacy Reading and the Lucy Caulkins Writing Program. There is opportunity for staff development. The parent support is positive. Jerabek is an overall high achieving school. The faculty and staff are welcoming and take the time to get to know students personally. Academic supports and challenges are available as needed. The school communicates regularly with parents. All the schools in the Scripps Ranch area of the San Diego Unified School system are very high quality.