Tiller School

Tiller School is a public charter school in Beaufort, NC near MCAS Cherry Point. It is located fairly close to base, with a 5-15 minute commute from school to base.

Tiller is a K-5 school that emphasizes collaborative education in a compassionate environment. The school limits enrollment to a 16 student to 1 teacher ratio. Classrooms in kindergarten through second grade have an additional teaching assistant in the room. Students wishing to attend this school need to enter a lottery held yearly in January and February. Applications received after the lottery closes will go onto a waiting list.

Great Schools rates this school 10/10, an outstanding rating! Test scores are in the low 90 percentages across grades and subjects. The community has given this school a solid 5 star rating. All reviews, the most recent was in 2014, are positive. The teachers are dedicated, committed, and challenge student academically.

What MilFams Say:

This school is amazing! They use Responsive Classroom and have sizes limits of no more than 18. The community is amazing. They also have a partnership with Duke Marine Lab. Students leaving this school are well prepared to middle school. Families and students feel welcome. While the school might not look impressive, the teachers and staff know each child personally.