Fort Dix Elementary School

Fort Dix Elementary School is located on JB McQuire-Dix-Lakehurst. This school is located in/on Fort Dix, NJ. While it may be located on or very close to the military base, it is NOT a DOD school. Fort Dix Elementary School is operated by the local public school district.

The population of this school are primarily military. The local bases are undergoing realignment and restructuring, with the result being that some military families might be moving due to these changes. Fort Dix and the Pemberton Township School District are committed to continuity of education for military children. MilKids who move out of district will still be allowed to attend their school, with busing/transport provided by the school district!

Great Schools has given this school a 7/10 rating, which is high average. Community reviews rate this school as 3/5 stars. The most recent review is from 2014.

What MilFams Say:

This school is average and covers the core subjects. They seem to do this well, but don’t offer much in the way of electives or opportunities other than the core subjects. The student and family did not feel welcome or “known” to the faculty and staff. School/home communication is lacking as well. Students were not supported academically or socially.

The district is up and coming, but the school feels disorganized to families and staff. Teachers are often in the dark about events, even on the day of. When issues do arise, the school seems to cover itself, without actually resolving the concern.