Trantwood Elementary

Trantwood is a public elementary school in Virginia Beach, VA near Fort Story-JEB Little Creek and Hampton Roads. It is located fairly close to Little Creek-Fort Story, with a 15-30 minute commute from base to school.

Great Schools rates this school 8/10. The overwhelming majority of this school has achieved proficiency or higher in both reading and math. Across all grades and demographics, 91% of students were proficient or higher in math; 88% of students were proficient or higher in math. The community has given 4/5 stars to Trantwood. The most recent review (2016) is not favorable. The review before that (2014) are overwhelmingly positive.

What MilFams Say:

This school is above average. The faculty has high expectations. Students in the special education program will work with teachers and specialists who work with families. Parents felt heard at IEP or 504 meetings. They felt that the education teams were knowledgeable about their specific child and his/her case. There are academic, social, and emotional supports provided for students as needed. The staff takes the time to get to know students and families. The school environment is warm and welcoming. There is regular communication from home to school.