Talbot Park Baptist Preschool

Talbot Park is a private religious preschool located in Norfolk, VA near Hampton Roads and Norfolk Naval Base. The work with children from 6weeks to PreK.

This school follows a religious and academic focused preschool curriculum. It is connected with Talbot Park Baptist Church.

Great Schools does not have a rating for this school, but the community rates it 5/5 stars. Parent comments and reviews are all positive. There are many comments about the excellence of the teachers, curriculum, and school environment.

What MilFams Say:

This is school make families feel welcome and get to know children personally. Students are supported socially and emotionally. There is regular school-home communication. The staff is very warm and friendly. They serve infant through PreK. The school is flexible with days and times. There are two to three day options, five day options, and before/after care available.