Ultimate Back-to-School Success Kit

Do you feel anxious about the First Day of School?

Maybe you haven’t found a great school yet.

Maybe you moved to a new district or your child has transitioned to a different building.

Maybe the enrollment process seems endless and confusing.

Maybe you don’t know anyone yet or worry that your contact info isn’t correct in the main office.

Maybe you worry about emailing the teacher.

Worry less with the

Ultimate Back-to-School Success Kit!

This all-in-one (ok, two) kit will help you to slay all of these worries. From finding a school and enrolling to sharing vital info and emailing the teacher, this one (ok, two) download has you totally covered!

Best of all: it’s FREE!!!

When you download the Ultimate Back-to-School Success Kit, you get:

  • Ultimate School Comparison Worksheet: PDF
  • Ultimate School Comparison Worksheet: Excel (this is the separate BONUS download!)
  • All About Me for MilKids
  • Easy Email Templates

All of these items together are valued at over $20! But you can have them all for free right now!

Download the Kit

Everything in the kit, except the BONUS Excel sheet, is packaged in one awesome PDF that you can print again and again. You’ll get everything you need for an amazing start to your school year on one email.

You’ll be using these resources every single year and after each PCS move.

Ultimate School Comparison Worksheet

Quickly and easily compare schools at your next duty station, or current hometown, head to head. With categories tailored to military families, but awesome for any family, you’ll be able to make a better school decision in less time and with less stress.

The excel sheet, just like in the video, is fully editable and can be customized even further to meet your needs.

All About Me for MilKids

Your child will practice letter writing skills, perfect for PK (with HEAVY parent help) to grade 5/6. This fill-in-the-blanks letter helps children to share their life story and experiences with their new teacher. Your child’s teacher will go into Day 1 knowing so much about your little (or not so little) one. They’ll be even more prepared to help your child blossom and grow!

It’s so important to share your contact info with your child’s teacher. Sure, the main office has it, but years as a teacher has taught me that there is nothing quite like an old fashioned hard copy. Using this form will let your child’s teacher know all about your child and family at a glance. From the best contact numbers to reach you to school concerns you need to share, everything is on one piece of paper!

Enrolling in school can be time-consuming and confusing. Stay on track, and remember your MilFam rights, with the School Enrollment Checklist. From what forms to bring to jotting down important numbers, this handy printable will keep school enrollment organized and on track.

Easy Email Templates

I’ve spent way too much time staring at a screen, trying to figure out the best way to word an email. I need to ask a question or I’m trying to get something I need, but I don’t want to come across as too pushy or as a pushover.

It’s hard to strike the right tone via email! With your child’s teacher, you need to build a team to help your child together. Coming across as harsh, judgemental, or super pushy in an email could build wall instead of bridges.

If you’re stuck, grab an easy email template. Just adjust the info to match your child and situation, then hit send. So simple!

These three templates cover concerns about grades, but stick around for the release of Talk to the Teacher, an e-book/workbook full of done-for-you scripts, email templates, and talking points to create awesome parent-teacher relationships.

Download Your Ultimate Back-to-School Success Kit Now!