St. Patrick Catholic School

St. Patrick Catholic School is located in Fayetteville, NC near Fort Bragg. It is a 15-30 minute commute from base to school.

The school serves children from PreK-8th grade. This a religious school and adheres to the tenant of the Catholic faith. There is one classroom per grade, which keeps the school community small and cohesive. All teachers are state certified and licensed.

Great Schools has not provided a rating for this school. The community gives St. Patrick Catholic School 3/5 stars. Some parents felt that the tuition rate was set too high. Other parents felt supported and that their students were challenged academically.

What MilFams Say:

This school is outstanding. The students are academically challenged in a supportive religious environment. Students can receive IEP and special education services here. Families felt supported in these meetings and that staff members knew their child’s case. However, these services are limited (speech, OT, etc.) and there is not special education program or classroom per se. Therapists can come to the school to provide services. Students who qualify for these limited special education services can also qualify for a disability grant through the state of North Carolina, when switching from a public to private school with an active IEP. This can even apply to military families coming from out of state, as long as the IEP is active.