Scurlock Elementary School

Scurlock Elementary is a public school located in Raeford, NC near Fort Bragg. It is located about 30+ minutes from base and serves children in grades PK-5.

Great Schools has given this school a rating of 3/10, a very low score. Test scores (school year 2014-2015) were very low, below 50% proficiency achievement overall. Only 48% of students achieved proficiency or higher in math; 32% of students achieved proficiency or higher in reading. The community has rated this school 3/5 stars. The most recent reviews are from 2015, and are mixed.

What MilFams Say:

This school is average. It is a Title 1 school and is located in a demographically poor area. This school made my child feel welcome. Students were not offered help or support academically, either to challenge or remediate. There were no social or emotional supports offered, even when requested. The school has little to no communication with parents.