Lake Braddock Secondary

Lake Braddock secondary serves students in grades 7-12. It is a public school located near Fort Belvoir and Washington, DC.

Great Schools rates Lake Braddock 8/10. 82% of students in 2014-2015 achieved proficiency or higher in math (grades 7/8); 90% of students achieved proficiency in reading. At the high school level, 80% of students (or higher) achieved proficiency in all tests in all subjects in 2014-2015. Parents reviews are mixed, with the school getting 4/5 stars overall. A recent commenter (2016) says that the school has a bullying problem that is going unaddressed, and punishing victims as much as aggressors. Other parents commented on the size and impersonal nature of the school.

What MilFams Say:

  • This is an outstanding school! The teachers and staff went out of their way to welcome our family and get to know us. Students are supported or challenged academically as needed. There are emotional/social supports in place for students who need them. This school communicates regularly with families.
  • This school is above average. There are exclusive opportunities available here because of the share middle school/high school campus. There is a gifted and talented programs that meets essential/basic needs. In the special education system, parents did not feel heard at IEP/504 meetings and did not receive regular updates on their child’s progress. Teachers and staff did not “know” children personally. The school does regularly communicate with parents.