San Onofre Elementary School

San Onofre is a public K-8 school in San Clemente, CA near Camp Pendleton. It is in the Fallbrook school district, which is on the eastern side of base. This school is located on base, but is operated by the public school district.

The school population is almost exclusively military, and the school works to improve academic success for MilKids.

Great Schools rates this school 9/10 for all students, including low-income. In 2014-2015, 63% of students achieved proficiency or higher in English; 62% of students achieved proficiency or higher in math. San Onofre has an overall community rating of 3/5 stars. Recent reviews (most recent is from 2015) are decidedly mixed, with the most recent reviews giving 1/5 stars. There are comments about the conduct of students and the lack of electives and learning opportunities. However, the teachers are also highlighted as caring and dedicated.

What MilFams Say:

This is an average school. The teachers and staff made my family feel welcome. They took the time to get to know families and students personally. Children are supported or challenged academically as needed. There are social and emotional supports and programs in place for those who need these services. The school communicates regularly with families.