Great Oak High School

Great Oak High School is a public school located inland in Temecula, CA near Camp Pendleton. This school serves students in grades 9-12. It is located about 45-60 minutes from the eastern edge of Camp Pendleton.

Great Schools rates Great Oak as 9/10 based on test scores and community reviews. Test scores for students with limited English proficiency are all well above the state average for this demographic. School wide, students had a 70% proficiency or higher rate in language arts in 2014-2015. However, only 46% of students were proficient or better in math during that same period. This also has a 98% graduation rate!

This school has received 5/5 stars from the community. The most recent review is from 2016. Reviews reflect excellent teachers and a community feeling.

What MilFams Say:

This school is above average. It is a large school that offers advanced classes, like AP and IB. The teachers and staff took the time to get to know students personally. Students are both supported and challenged academically as needed. This school communicates regularly with families. Students are supported emotionally and socially as well.