Gardner Middle School

Gardner Middle School is a public school serving students in grades 6-8 in Temecula, CA. The school is located 45-60 minutes from the eastern edge of Camp Pendleton.

Great Schools rates this school a 9/10 generally and a 7/10 for students with limited English proficiency. On the CAASPP test, students school wide scored in the average to low average range in 2014-2015 in both language arts and math (64% and 52% were proficient or better). The community rates this school with 3/5 stars. The most recent review is from 2016. Parents comment on the dedicated staff and community feeling, as well as the academic excellence.

What MilFams Say:

This school is above average. The offer advanced math classes. There are few to no behavior issues that parents were aware of at this school. The school atmosphere was positive and welcoming. Students were challenged and supported academically. There were supports for students socially and emotionally. This school communicates regularly with parents.