Coastal Academy

Coastal Academy is a public charter school in the Classical Academy network. This school serves children from PreK-8 in Oceanside, CA, near the southeastern edge of Camp Pendleton.

Please see the full review on Classical Academy for more information on the general programs available here. 

Great Schools rates Coastal Academy an 8/10 generally and 6/10 for low income students. In 2014-2015, 55% of students achieved proficiency or better on state tests in language arts. 46% of students achieved proficiency or better in math during that same period. Reviewers rate this school as 5/5 stars. Parents comment on the flexible program, but also note that this school requires a lot from parents.

What MilFams Say:

  • This school is outstanding. There are different options for how often your child attends classes at the school. For students who attend some classes, at home lessons and curriculum are provided. One option is 100% homeschooled. Families can choose to use the school’s curriculum or find their own materials. Students have the option to attend specials (art, PE, etc.) one day a week. The faculty and staff make families feel welcome, and get to know students individually. Students are academically challenged, and supported, as needed. The school communicates regularly with parents. Don’t be afraid to go outside the box. Coastal Academy is a great choice!
  • This school is outstanding! Music and art programs are in the classrooms. Parents are invested and involved with learning. The curriculum is adaptive to new education techniques. The teachers and staff are welcoming and take the time to get to know students. The school communicates regularly with parents. Students are supported and challenged academically as needed.