Classical Academy

Classical Academy is a public charter school with several campuses throughout North San Diego Country and online. These schools are located near western Camp Pendleton and have a variety of commute times based on location. The larger network of schools serves children from PreK-12, with actual grades offered varying by location.

Classical Academy has been teaching students since 1999. At their many different campuses, including Coastal Academy, there is a dedication to excellence and personalized learning. They also emphasize arts integration to enhance learning.

Great Schools has rated this school 8/10 in general and 7/10 for students with limited English proficiency. In 2014-2015, 59% of students achieved proficiency or better in language arts, with the rate rising to 66% by 8th grade. School wide 44% of students achieved proficiency or better in math, with the rate remaining the same in 8th grade. The overall community rating is 5/5 stars, however reviews from the last few years are between 2-4 stars. Parents note differences between different campuses in staff dedication and behavior issues, but generally like the education their children receive here.

What MilFams Say:

  • This school is above average to outstanding. The blended and online learning options allow students to be homeschooled part-time, while still attending school. This model works well across all grade levels. Your child can learn all of some of the curriculum at school, then you can supplement the rest at home! The faculty and staff are warm and welcoming. They took the time to get to know my child and family. The school communicates regularly with families. Students are both challenged and supported academically. It is geared towards your child’s individual needs!

Please see Coastal Academy for reviews specific to that campus and program!