Bonsall West Elementary School

Bonsall West is a public elementary school located in Oceanside, CA near Camp Pendleton. It is close to base, however Camp Pendleton is a huge base. Drive times may vary from 15 minutes to an hour based on your location.

Great Schools has rated Bonsall West a 10/10, with 8/10 for low income students. In 2014-2015, 73% of students achieved proficiency or higher in English; 72% of students achieved proficiency or higher in math.

What MilFams Say:

  • This is an above average school with a high military population. The staff is fantastic and understanding of the military lifestyle. Faculty and staff make families feel welcome, and take the time to know each child personally. Children are supported academically, both challenged or supported, as needed. There are social and emotional supports in place for children who need these services. The school communicates regularly with parents. Even arriving mid-year, the principal and administrators will take care with placing your child and ensuring he excels. The faculty and staff are warm, welcoming and fantastic.
  • This is an above average school. They push the kids hard! The K-2 teacher are very strict, assign a lot of homework, and don’t tolerate behavior issues. The grades 3-6 teachers are more chill, with less homework, and more tolerance of behavior issues. This is NOT a good school for moderate/severe special education. Special education resources are channeled to Bonsall Elementary School. For high achieving/mild special education with minimal supports (speech, in class accommodations, etc.), Bonsall West is good.