St. Anne’s Parish Day School

St. Anne’s Parish Day school is located in Jacksonville, NC near Camp Lejeune. It is fairly close to base, with a 5-15 minute commute from school to base.

St. Anne’s is a religious school serving students from PreK to third grade. It is connected with St. Anne’s Episcopal Church, and features weekly children’s services with the Rector of the church.

St. Anne’s is not rated by Great Schools, but does have excellent community reviews. The school has received 4/5 stars.

What MilFams Say:

This school has surpassed all expectations! This family will be keeping their children here from preschool through elementary school. Class sizes are no more than 16 students, with two teachers per room, through elementary school.

The teachers are able to support the individual child with plan specific to their needs and education level. It feels like a family from the director and secretary to the teachers. After two days of drop off, they knew every child’s name and what classroom to help them too. In a life when our children are moving often, it has been incredible to find a school that so quickly felt like a second home. This family would highly recommend this school to anyone looking for an environment where their children can thrive. Both in traditional education and the intangibles such as learning to be kind.

Teachers have gone above and beyond to help support student socially and emotionally. From helping a nervous child through a concert by holding her hand to dealing with separation anxiety for a new preschooler, the teachers seem to act compassionately without prompting.