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Getting a child through school is tough.

Between homework, projects, friendships, and just getting on the bus, it’s easy for parents to be overwhelmed.

If you’re also working through issues with special education, military life or other concerns, it can be downright scary!

MilKids Ed is here for YOU!

The parent who is overworked, overwhelmed, or lost in the K-12 woods. The military mom or dad who needs help changing schools. Parents of children with special needs who need some helpful advice from the other side of the desk.

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On MilKids Ed, you will find:

My Why

Hi! I’m Meg!

In 2010, I was a brand new college graduate, Elementary and Special Education degrees burning a hole in my pocket. But public schools were laying off teachers left and right. Being in the classroom at that moment wasn’t a great fit.

Instead, I looked around my military community. I saw kids with HUGE gaps in knowledge. There were students with special education needs not getting services. And there were parents, just like you, who were overwhelmed and without a friendly face to help.

Then and there I decided that helping military families and those with special education needs was what I was MEANT to do!

After working as a private tutor, homeschool teacher, and personal student aide, I NEEDED to be back in the classroom. So I taught in one of the most highly recognized school systems in ultra-competitive Northern Virginia: Falls Church City.

In 2015, life took another turn and we were headed away from my dream school. I started thinking:

What if I started a blog? I could help so many MORE people every single day!

So I did it!

Since 2015, MilKids Ed has grown by leaps and bounds.

MilKids is recognized as a leader in education for military children by:

And many more!

Help for Busy Parents

There’s a whole section to help you find the perfect school. And if you don’t see the ideal place for your child, contact me to arrange a personal school search!


For help beyond what you see in the posts or on social media, MilKids is proud to offer personal consulting and advocacy services.

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