Thanks for a Great Year, Teach!

Eek! June is almost here, and that means school is almost out for summer!

But before you head for the pool, grab a little something for the teachers. I mean, they’ve been spending 40 hours every week with your little darlings.

Need some help figuring out what to get? Let me help!


Teaching is hard on the feet. Have you tried standing, walking and sometimes jumping around for 8 to 10 hours 5 days a week? My feet take a beating!

Make a DIY pedicure basket! Pick up fancy foot lotion, a tin of scented Epsom salts, a pumice stone and a funky nail polish.

Or get a gift card for a local nail salon.

TV Binge

Does your child’s teacher have a subscription to Netflix, Hulu or other streaming services? If not, get her a gift subscription for a summer’s worth of endless TV binge watching.

Even if he does, give a gift card!

Summer Swag Bag

Grab a fun waterproof tote bag and let the fun begin! Pick up sunglasses, sunscreen and a pretty beach towel. Stick everything in the bag with some flip flops.

The teacher is now totally ready for a fun day by the pool or on the beach. All she needs is a good book!

Binge Reading

Have a teacher who LOVES to read? It’s pretty much all of us.

Give the gift of books! Get a gift card to the local bookstore or a subscription to a magazine reader like Texture.

Suddenly, a summer’s worth of beach reads is taken care of!

Photo Presents

Stick a class photo in a frame, on a mug or literally anywhere else. Or DIY something crafty.

Another fun choice is two photos, one from the fall and another from the spring. Put them both in one frame with a wide mat. Then have the class sign the photo mat.

Teachers really like to have something sentimental from each class.

Pretty Blooms

Whether you go with flowers from your yard or from a pro, gifting a bouquet is a sure fire winner!

Or give a gardening kit. Pop a few seed packs, small flower pots and a gift card to a gardening center into a fun bag. Throw in a pair of gardening gloves and a small spade, too. Now your teacher can grow their own herbs, tomatoes and flowers!

Something for Everyone

Want to thank the whole staff? It’s actually super easy.

Go to a local bakery, the supermarket or a yummy cafe. Order a few dozen cookies, pastries or other sweet treats. Deliver them to the teachers’ lounge with a thank you card from your family.

You could also go healthy with a fruit or veggie tray. Send in platters of cold cuts and rolls during lunch or those last teacher work days. Or order a whole bunch of pizzas!

What do you get for your teachers at the end of the year?


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