Springtime Fun for MilKids

Right now, I have every. single. word. of Frozen, The Little Mermaid AND Beauty and the Beast memorized. For this, I would like to give a big “thanks, but but no thanks” to Mother Nature. We’ve been kept inside by rain, wind and cold weather. All of that has lead to some nasty colds, which has lead to more movie time.

If I have to spend ANOTHER rainy, chilly weekend inside with my kids, I might lose my mind.

I’ve stockpiled a few ideas for warmer spring days. And I’m ready to whip them out.

Flower Prints

Spring flowers are blooming! And while bouquets are super nice, it can also be a great time to experiment with art prints.

Choose a few hardy blooms, like lilacs, allium, tulips or lilies. Dip the buds into paint and gently press, roll or swipe the flowers across construction paper.

When you’re done, or while you’re painting, talk about how the different flowers make different patterns. Decide which of your prints you like best, and hang it up for a while. Save the others to mail to friends and family!

Go Fly a Kite!

Springtime is notoriously breezy. This makes it the perfect time to fly a kite. From the cheap ones at the drug store to the fancy fabric kind, there’s a kit for everyone.

Watch the weather and on a windy day, head to a local park that has not so many trees. Pack a picnic and bring a blanket. Bust out the kites and get flying! Try to do tricks, or even just keep a kite in the air for more than 30 seconds. Seriously, it’s hard. But also super fun.

Plant Something

Not just in a pot, although that’s good too. Instead, grow a plant in a bag.

Get some dry beans, a clear plastic ziplock quart bag and a wet paper towel. Fold the wet paper towel into a square and slide it into the bag. Place a few beans or other seeds in between the towel and the bag. Close the bag and tape it to a window that gets a lot of sun.

Now you wait. Check the bag daily to see if the beans have sprouted. When you see a few inches of stem, plus a few leaves, replant the seedling into another pot or your garden plot.

 Visit a Farm

Spring is amazing at farms. Yes, it will likely be muddy because, well, spring. But all the little lambs, chicks and calves are so worthy ruining those shoes!

There are farms all over the country that have open house days for visitors. Or you can go to your local zoo. There are usually farm areas or petting zoos.

Just picture your lap full of fluffy baby lamb, all sweet and soft.

Make Stepping Stones

On your nature walk, gather up a few blossoms. Or buy a bouquet of wildflowers. Next, grab some plaster of Paris and mix it up. Pour it into a shallow disposable pie pan and add the flowers.  Arrange them however you want! Let the plaster set for a moment, then add handprints or write a message.

Allow the plaster to set per the directions on the package. Once everything is perfect, pop your new stepping stone out of the pie pan. To preserve it, cover the whole thing in Mod Podge or another sealant. You can add it to your garden!

Repeat this next year, and you’ll have a fun family tradition!

What do you like to do with your family in the spring? Tell me in the comments!


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