5 Ways to Celebrate MilKids in April

Happy Month of the Military Child!

Unless you live in a heavily military community, chances are that military children are in the minority and flying under the radar.

This month, take some time to highlight and learn about military kids!

Read a Book

There are a whole bunch of books for ALL ages about military children and families. Many libraries have these books and you can order them online, too.

My favorite book is “Don’t Forget, God Bless Our Troops” by Dr. Jill Biden. It’s such a sweet story about a military family during a yearlong deployment.

Books about military children focus on both current military families and military families throughout history.

Volunteer to visit your child’s classroom and share your favorite book. Or purchase several military-family-focused books for your child’s classroom.

MilKid Care Package

Send some love to another military family! Chances are good that you have friends located far from you right now.

Grab a flat rate box from the post office and fill it with goodies. Pick non-perishable snacks, little toys, books or postcards. Add a nice drawing or handwritten note before you ship it off.

Your friends will be so excited to open up their present!

Build a Photo Book

Those homecoming pictures, Daddy & Daughter Balls or beautiful professional photos all deserve a home.

Collect all your digital memories of military life into one gorgeous photo book. This is also a great excuse to sit together and look back on all of your adventures. If you do this every April, then you’ll not only have a fun family tradition but also books of your life for every single year!

Positive Notes

Ok, so yes, this will be missing a few days for 2017. I’m late on this. Sorry. But totally start on April 1, 2018.

Every day leave a sweet note for your kiddo. Share one way they make the military life easier, better, funnier or more beautiful. Write about something they are talented at or do that amazes you. Or just write “I love you.”

Alternately, you could put 30 notes into a mason jar and pull one daily. Or create a paper chain and pull one of every day. When you get to the last note, link or April 30, do something super special with your MilKids. Even if it means pulling them from school.

And yes, a teacher just told you to pull your kids from school. Permission granted.

Memory Meals

Have you moved a lot of times? I bet your answer is a resounding YES!

If you are like me, you also probably have some favorite meals from each of your past duty stations. Why not build a feast out of those delicacies?

For me the menu would be:

  • Fish tacos from SoCal
  • Soba from Okinawa
  • Shave ice from Okinawa and SoCal
  • Injira bread from DC
  • Awaze tibs from DC
  • Pho from DC

These are the foods I LOVED eating in all of the places that we have lived!

How do you celebrate your MilKids? Tell me in the comments!


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