About Those Must Have Gifts

Can we talk about those “must have” gifts for the holiday season? You know, the ones that EVERYONE HAS TO HAVE OR CHRISTMAS IS RUINED FOREVER!!!!!!!!!

I would like to make a suggestion: please stop it with the crazy.

Just like, for real, take a step back and think about what you are doing and buying. This year, you are buying a small stuffed animal the “hatches” out of an egg. Ok, fine, I could see this as being insanely cool if you could, say, hatch the thing over and over and over and over.

No. You hatch the stupid animal once and it’s done. Now you just have another stuffed toy that makes noise with weird light effects lying around your house. Is that really what you need? Cuz I’m pretty sure you have those already. It’s called “every toy your in-laws have ever purchased for your child.” Google it, this is a real thing.

Just kidding. It’s not. But it totally should be, right? Especially for that one toy that turns itself on day and night without being touched. That one is just creepy. And this might just be THAT toy…

And how long will your kid REALLY play with the stupid thing?

My bet? The 10-40 minutes that it takes to hatch, and maybe for a few more hours after that. The day after Christmas might bring another few minutes of play. Beyond January is a crap shoot, but purely based on my own experiences I want to say that this is a toy that will gather dust fast.

Actually, use YOUR experiences to guide you. Do you remember Furbies? How about Tamagotchis? This hatching animal combines the best (worst) of both former “must have” toys.

First, you have to care for and nurture the little monster. And it “interacts” with you, with sounds and lights.

Think back to your childhood: how long did YOU play with your Furby or Tamagotchi?

If your answer is “Not long” maybe rethink buying that “must have” toy for your kid.

These toys make us INSANE!

Like actually crazy. One famous author has put her family deeply into debt in some crazy scheme to make money by buying/selling the things in bulk.

It’s not just famous people either. Regular parents all over the world are paying WAY more than the $60 suggested retail price. How much? Upwards of $150 is how much. That’s a lot to spend on a toy that is going to end up forgotten in a matter of hours or weeks.

Even the New York Times has commented on this unbelievable, crazy demand. And actually have an expert that stated:

It’s a hit-driven industry and this is an expensive item, which really tend of sell only at holiday time.”

Literally, the NY Times has told you that this thing is pretty much going to last from Black Friday to New Years.

So, even if your kid has BEGGED and BEGGED for this toy, knowing that you will be paying way over market value for a flash in the pan should be enough to sway you away from the must-have toy.


“But now what do I give my kid?” you ask.

Excellent! Let’s start thinking outside the box shall we? Instead of buying what the marketing gurus WANT you to buy, get personal and useful.

Stick around for my list of perfect, reliable gift ideas for kids that won’t end up just another object cluttering up your house.

Are you buying a Hatchimal for your kids for Christmas? Tell me why in the comments!


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