8 Class Supplies Teachers Always Need

Teachers, always asking for those pesky school supplies!

And with good reason, too.

After all, kids use things up quickly. Just look at your own at-home stash of stickers and crayons. It’s like elves come and steal them away in the night. Or the children actually eat the craft supplies.

If you want to get in good with your teacher, just drop off a bag with these eight supplies.

1. Post-It Notes

Teachers use these bad boys for everything. From notes in agenda books to class polls, sticky notes are used by the stack every day.

Plus, sticky notes help teacher remember the 1,000,000,000 things she has to do daily. Including helping your child get their homework into their backpack.

Several pack in fun shapes or colors will make your teacher’s day!

2. Whiteboard Markers

Beyond just the big board, students each have their own personal sized whiteboard. And they use them daily.

Because they are kids, the caps get lost or left off the markers. Or they just aren’t pushed on all the way. The expensive markers dry out quickly.

Stick a few in your child’s backpack once a month. It will make a huge difference!

3. Construction Paper

I bet you love those handmade cards and all the fun art projects your child brings home. Guess what? It’s all made with construction paper!

Grab a pack or two next time you are in the store.

4. Index Cards

Flash cards. Math or reading games. Speech notes. Notes home. Reminders. Classroom schedules.

All of these use index cards, in one way or another. Plus, kids like to write on these little 3×5 pieces of beauty. It makes them feel important sometimes!

Adding a few packages of these will help your teacher when it comes time for the next group project.8

5. Highlighters

Reading is responsive and personal these days. Above third grade, students are taking more and more ownership of their own learning. It means that your child (and the other two dozen kids in the class) will be marking up their handouts and workbooks with highlighters.

Just like whiteboard markers, caps go missing or aren’t pushed on quite tight enough. The neon colors run dry. And kids can’t make their papers look like a rainbow.

Bring a few extras whenever you swing into school to volunteer.

6. Big Chart Paper or Poster Boards

Do you love those beautiful posters hung around the room? You know, the ones that explain all about multiplication or types of nouns. They are made, by hand, using giant pieces of paper or poster board.

And those sweet group projects decorating the halls? Ditto.

Next time you are at the office supply store, snag a few pieces or a pad of poster paper.

7. Crayons, Markers, Colored Pencils

Kids go through art supplies like a woodchuck chucks wood. And the cheap stuff (you know the brands…) is not reliable or just plain doesn’t work.

Plus, the crayons and colored pencils get worn down fast. The markers (you guessed it) dry out quickly.

Adding a box or two to your next Target run won’t break your bank.

8. Ticonderoga Pencils

Notice I specified a brand this time. These pencils are just plain old the best.

They are easy to sharpen. The erasers don’t wear down as quickly, and don’t tear the paper.

As a bonus, the packs of pencils come pre-sharpened!

Bring in a pack or two at a time, or a big bag.

Your teacher will thank you! She won’t have to spend her own money on supplies. And the kids won’t be caught short in the middle of a big project.

What do you do to help your teaches with supplies?


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