A Little Inspiration for the First Day of School

In case you are not already excited enough to welcome new students to your room, new souls to the education experience, let me remind you about a remarkable educator:

Donovan Livingston

At the 2016 Harvard Graduate School of Education commencement, Mr. Livingston, Ed.M, delivered a speech for the ages.


Not a speech.

A poem: Lift Off.

A poem so powerful you could feel the pull from before education was free for all people in America. Voices from the days of segregation and shouts against the strict system of today intermingled.

He spoke passionately about his journey as a student, and as a teacher. His desire to see all children given opportunities without platitudes, without qualifiers. Just open doors.

My words cannot ever describe for you this powerful speech, this moment in education that should inspire all educators to look past labels and look at their students without judgement.

Happy first day of school, teachers and students!

May your year be as passionate, committed, and motivating as Mr. Livingston’s amazing poem!


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