The History of Women’s History Month and PCSing with Kids

Women. We make up just a little bit less than 50% of the total global population. We have been around just as long as men. As a gender, we have scientists, rulers, authors, artists, composers, doctors, teachers, and pretty much every career path ever.

For much of our species existence, women have been on the back burner or vastly underestimated. Women were also not represented in educational materials and publications. 

International Women’s Day

Untitled design (3)Before 1978, there was International Women’s Day, celebrated on March 8 each year. Eventually, in 1975, this was supported by the United Nations. However, women were still vastly underrepresented. 

So a group  in Santa Rosa, CA got together to fix this. The Sonoma County Board of Education began “Women’s History Week” in 1978. In 1980, President Jimmy Carter officially declared the week of March 8 to be Women’s History Week. Shortly after that the lobbying efforts started to expand the celebration and make it permanent.

In 1987, Congress officially declared March to be National Women’s History Month! This month’s theme is “A More Perfect Union: Women in Public Service and Government.”

So, this month let’s celebrate all the women who have helped make America great. To help you include more influential women in your teaching and learning this month, I will run short-ish articles each week highlighting a few famous American women of note. I’ll stick to themes: politics, science, the arts, and sports. To go along with this, I’ll be creating supporting items in my TeacherPayTeachers store and sending FREE printables to my email list.

PCS season is coming up quick!

Get ready for your PCS season here!With that in mind, for the next few months MilKids will be covering all things related to education and your military PCS. Things like IEPs, 504 Plans, School Liaison folders and checklists, planning for transition, and how to help your child adjust. We’ll also be revisiting special education topics: IEP vs 504, special ed laws, special ed and homeschooling, and testing.

So you tell me: What do you and your family NEED to know about helping your school aged children succeed in this military life?

I’m excited for an awesome month at MilKids, and hope you join me (and share MilKids with your community)!



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