Dear Parents: I Have 30 Kids to Teach

This is what it feels like when people complain about “small” things: a particular book, a seating arrangement, one problem on a homework assignment, or have too much/too little homework.
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Dear Parents Who Are Upset,

I truly, truly understand why you are upset right now. It feels as though your particular child isn’t getting the precise educational experience that they require at this exact moment.

I understand. That’s frustrating.

And if your child were my only student, I would be absolutely providing whatever it is that you desire me to provide.

But here’s the reality: I have 30 students to teach, and 29 of them are not your child.

Wherever your child might fall on the ambition or ability spectrum, I have students working both above and below her/him. I have to teach those children, too.

This means that I might be preparing at least three levels of materials for every subject, every single day. As we are in fourth grade, that’s four core subjects each day, with Reading and Writing having several sub-subjects that need materials and instruction…

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