4 No-Phone Communication Tips For Teachers

Dear Teacher,

We have a lot to share with parents each and every day about each child in our class. But making 20+ phone calls each day is time consuming. Just writing personalized emails to every family is a lot!

But there are better ways.

Daily Reports

This is super easy to do, as long as you remember to make copies and write a few sentences throughout the day for each child.

If daily notes seem like a lot, you could totally space these out throughout the week. Each student could have a specific note day, or you could randomly write notes to students throughout the week.

For an even easier way to connect with parents, use my FREE communication form! MilKids note from the teacher

Behavior Checklists or Report Cards

daily report card pic.PNGI use these with students that are having a difficult time resisting impulses or controlling their bodies, as well as kiddos who have a tough time completing or turning in work.

Essentially, it is a rating system. After a few days or at the end of the week, send the report home to the parents. You could also tie behavior reports to a reward system.

Sticky Notes

Kids love sticky notes. It’s a fact.

I am constantly running out of these jewels because my students use them for EVERYTHING: bookmarks, actual notes, doodles, class polls, project tracking, study aids. Seriously, everything needs sticky notes.

At the end of the day, it’s super easy to just walk around and leave sticky notes in a few kids desks, bags, folders, mailboxes, or lockers. Try it!

Stamps and Stickers

Like sticky notes, stamps and stickers work for just about everything.

I use stickers on behavior or work charts. Or as a reward from a grab bag or for meeting goals. Middle school students can still be enticed with a sweet sticker!

Stamps can also be used to grade work. Happy faces, checkmarks or numbers can streamline your workload. I also use them to verify agenda books: kids get approved to move on after getting a stamp.

So, teachers, how do you communicate with your students’ parents?  Parents, how could teachers improve their communication to you?


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