Why You Should Be On Khan

Khan Academy
has been a lifeline in my classroom, and personally.

If you don’t know Khan, you need to get to know this awesome educational service ASAP.

Essentially, KA is a multi-subject learning website. There are videos, tutorials, interactive questions, virtual trips to world-class museums and institutions of higher learning, and so much more. It is seriously incredible what Khan has available for FREE to it’s users.

One on One Learning

laptop-868818_640One main reason that I love Khan so much, as an individual, is that is allows me to learn at my own pace and in my own time. I can pick a subject or a track or just jump from place to place as I choose. For every activity I complete, I earn points. The more points I earn, the more I can customize my personal KA avatar.

This was so helpful when I needed to brush up on math skills before I started teaching fourth grade. And I can go back and review as often as I want!

For homeschoolers, this can be your whole math curriculum (or bio or chem or US history or one of the other many topics/subject KA covers) or it can be used to supplement. Each child who is learning at home can be screened via Khan and then placed into the best grade or level for him/her. Then, they simply follow the lesson sequence, with built in practice and review sessions along the way.

Classroom Uses

learn-868813_640This can be used in every classroom, at almost every grade level.

I enroll all of my regular classroom students into Khan during the first month of school. they each have a username and password, and I am their coach. A coach essentially oversees the student accounts, making suggestions and setting up class groups.

At any time, I could log-in as the coach and see what each of my students had been up to at anytime since they had joined my “class.” I had students who logged in during school whenever possible, and at home, too! Plus, parents requested to be added to my course so that they could learn alongside their children. Everyone was involved, engaged, and on point with their fourth grade math mission.

math-611503_640Khan also makes it super easy to remediate and extend learning. The beautiful color coordinated graph allowed me to see exactly which areas of a topic a children was struggling with, and how often they were practicing. I could also see which kids were flying through the assignments easily, and I could move them onto something harder. Best of all: no one else in the class every had to know who was working on which lesson or assignment. It made the kids who struggled feel more confident since they weren’t getting singled out. My fast finishers also felt great because they were pre-learning more advanced material or even working above grade level.

Next time, I’ll give a complete walk through of how I set up Khan in my classroom, how I used it specifically, and what I saw as a result.



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