What NOT to say to your kid’s teacher

Teachers dedicate their entire professional (and sometimes personal) lives to helping young people become better citizens of the world. Many teachers enjoy a good laugh. But there are some things that will just get a blank, angry stare. And there are some things not to say to a teacher.

Summers off must be nice! 

Summer's off are so nice!Oh, that’s cute. You think I do what every summer? Lounge by the pool sipping margs and poppin’ chips into my mouth? False! If I’m not chasing down my own kids, I’m in professional development to improve my craft for the next year, reviewing my entire lesson plan book from the previous year, and redesigning my classroom.

Oh! I would love to decorate a classroom! 

Yeah, and if I didn’t have to spend my own money to do so, it would be better. But I don’t live in that happy world, so my money is spent on decorations for your kids every year. My classroom must be themed or at least pretty with academic decor that engages my students both aesthetically and intellectually. I must construct bulletin boards to display student work AND important information. And I pay for every single item.

Working 8-3 is such an easy job! 

Fun story: I get to school at least an hour early and then stay an hour late. I work through my lunch breaks because I have almost no other planning time, and I still take work home with me every night. So that 8-3 job, it’s actually more like 7-the work is never done.

What do you do all day? 

Stuff… What do you do all day in your corporate office or home office or law office or newspaper office or medical office? I work. I teach children manners, values, history, math, science, reading, writing, and social skills.What do you do all day-

Don’t you get bored? 

Actually no, I don’t. Because I’m not just reviewing the stuff I learned in fourth grade, I’m figuring out HOW to get my students to understand it. I’m learning new ways to teach. I’m analyzing each child’s learning for progress. I’m correcting. I’m graphing data. I’m calling parents. I’m figuring out why ChildA hates ChildB even though they were besties last week.

What do you mean you have to go back to school? Aren’t you there every day? LOL! 

In case you’ve missed the last decade and a half of education issues, things are pretty volatile. From NCLB to CCSS, and now with the “new” proclamation from POTUS, things have changed. We have strict standards, tons of testing. And every few months there is some new magic “cure-all” that will finally fix all of the issues we have with teaching a diverse population. So, yeah, I have to go back to school to keep up with that stuff. Plus, every single state requires that teachers maintain knowledge through professional development or attain additional degrees. So…school.

Those who can’t do, teach.  

Those who can't do, teach!Good one, buddy! Next time you want to test that theory, let me know. I’ll make a few calls and you can fill in for some of my friends at various grade levels; I have them all covered from PK-12, including special education. When you have 20+ kids looking at you, waiting for you to explain EVERYTHING to them, let me know about that “those who can’t do, teach” nonsense. Because I can do plenty, thanks.

Teachers, what are some the the funniest/worst things that have ever been said to you? Share in the comments!


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4 thoughts on “What NOT to say to your kid’s teacher

  1. As a Music teacher there is always this idea that I must be a failed musician and that is why I’m “stuck” teaching. Nope, I love teaching kids about music and that smile when they can finally play their favourite songs.


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