5 Reasons to Hire a Tutor

Tutors are all the craze these days. Ads on TV claim to have young children enrolled in tutoring programs from a young age. Almost every child in your kid’s class seems to have one.

But should YOUR child have one? Here’s an easy way to figure it out.

Constant Struggle

If your child is constantly struggling in one or more subjects, you might need a tutor. Well, actually, you might need to investigate other academic options, like 504 Plans or IEPs.

But a tutor is a great first step. A dedicated tutor can pinpoint and target trouble spots with focused activities or projects. When I was a tutor, I always designed everything for each child from the ground up based around their weak spots.

Homework Battles

Do you fight with your child every single night about homework? Having a tutor, an outside adult or young adult, enter into the equation might help. If you hire a high school (for younger kids) or college student (for older kids), this new person might be seen as cool! If your child knows that the “cool college kid” is coming over on Thursday to help with homework, it might motivate them to try all week long. I once had two client, sisters, that I both tutored. The mom commented that the littler sister fought her on homework or was reluctant, except days when I came over.

Missed a lot of School Lately?

Broken bones, long illnesses, family transitions. All of these are things that might cause a child to miss large chunks of school. While teachers will try to supplement as much as possible with reading assignments or math worksheets, ultimately they have 20+ students to keep on track. Catching one child up after a few weeks of missed work can be tough.

A tutor can work with the teacher to catch your child up or build upon the work done in school.Tutors can help all children to learn!

Learning Differences

The special education system can be wonderful and useful and the answer to many prayers. But even with increased screenings and tweaks to the laws, some kiddos won’t qualify for special services.

Having a tutor can help to fill in those gaps, or build upon the programs used at school for students with an IEP. I tutored several children, both with and without IEPs, using strategically designed lessons and learning arcs based around their specific learning needs.

These kiddos were able to make progress at school since the weak areas were being consistently reinforced at home each week.

Curious Kids

Kids that are super smart can also use tutors! A tutor for your budding genius can help him or her to explore areas and topics not covered in school, or expand on current learning. Tutors can guide advanced students even father in their learning, increasing academic skills and motivation.

So, does your child need a tutor?

Really, only you can decide that.  But a tutor can help almost any child in any stage of learning. However, tutors for the under second grade crowd should be limited to only the most dire of circumstances. Instead, you can read to your child, play games, or get outside.

Have questions about hiring a tutor? Contact me ASAP! I can help you figure it out.


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