5 Reasons Why Teachers Still Assign Homework

So, given the fact that I assign minimal homework at best, you might think that I am anti-homework. False, I think homework is super valuable as a teaching and learning tool.

Here’s Why I Still Assign Homework

1. It teaches responsibility

Yes, lots of things teach responsibility.

Chores, expectations, and rules teach responsibility. But this is something that a child is solely responsible for. It is his own work. If he fails to complete it, he loses points or is marked down, affecting his final grade in the subject.

No one else can do the work for her; if she wants to benefit, she must put in the time.

2. It creates a home-school connection

Ever wonder what your kid does all day at school? Homework can help you figure that stuff out!

Homework can let you see where your child is struggling. It makes it easier to address potential issues sooner!

3. It reinforces key concepts in a different environment

Good homework IS review! Work at home should reinforce concepts your child has already been taught in the classroom.

Nothing should be brand spanking new or untaught (unless your teacher runs a flipped classroom). Which means that your child should NOT be struggling to complete work. If he is, you and the teacher can work together to smooth out the trouble spots.

4. Homework helps children learn time management

Soccer practice, piano lessons, and scout troop meetings all take up a ton of time after school. As adults, we know that work and our life commitment balancing doesn’t stop, ever.

With homework, kids get to practice strategies to do it all right now. Have soccer three times a week? That means the other two days need to be for homework and study. I honestly always do better when I have lots of things going on. With all the things on my checklist, and only limited time, I can prioritize tasks and condense work.

5. Education is important

Yes, sports and life is important. But so is education. By committing to homework, you are showing your child that you value learning.

Your child will also learn to think learning and school is important. This could lead to higher grades! Or even going on to college and grad school!

Homework is important. And not for purely academic reasons.

Yes, it can be a battle to get the homework done (and if that is the case, email your teacher and let her know!), but it is worth it.


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6 thoughts on “5 Reasons Why Teachers Still Assign Homework

  1. I didn’t really go to much of first and second grade due to my parent not caring about school. I moved in with my grandparents when I was in third and that’s when I was going to school every day. I hated it at first and I hated doing homework…it took me until middle school to really enjoy my homework at times. I was that little girl who, like the example you gave, struggled with simple multiplication. I never wanted to tell my grandma when I had homework…but when I started really sitting down and doing it, I actually began to learn. Of course, there were times that I didn’t want to do it even in high school but I did 95% of my homework for the 4 years I was in high school. I agree that homework is good. Sometimes it gives you a chance, to see for yourself what you are having trouble in. Like for me, it’s math. When I struggle I want to cry. Yes, even now, in college, I struggle sometimes. I had a middle school teacher tell me, bluntly, that I would always struggle in math and I think that put up a metal wall against math.

    Anyway, love your post and your blog!


    1. I’m so sorry that a teacher told you that you’d always struggle with math! But I understand completely, since math is my weakest area, too.
      Now, I get to use it as a teachable moment for my students. They know how badly I did in fourth grade math, but can also see that I survived, learned it, and can now teach it.
      I’m so glad you like the blog! Please share it with anyone who might like it, too. Or pass it on to your school’s education department:) perhaps some teachers in training would like to know what the teaching life is really like!


      1. I have a friend who struggled in math but is now a high school math teacher and loves it. I don’t think I will become a math teacher but the math I am taking now, pre-algebra, has been going well for me…especially since the teacher is actually helping me understand. I will absolutely share your blog! I love sharing the blogs I enjoy.


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