Happy World Teachers’ Day!!!

7402029196_1dcbb0a354_qTomorrow is a holiday, but you won’t ever hear about it or know about it. The people you are celebrating are the one’s who teach your children each and every day. October 5 is World Teachers’ Day!

We really ought to celebrate teachers more often. After all, from age 5-18, and sometimes younger or older, they are the ones who teach reading, writing, and arithmetic. Today’s teacher also teach good manners, common sense, allergy awareness, kindness, and how to survive a catastrophic event.

In addition to all of that plain old teaching, your child’s teacher comes in early to grade or prep or both. She stays later than contract hours to finish up work, make phone calls, analyze test results, and nitpick her day to see where she went wrong and how she can fix it tomorrow. Teachers become accountants, analysts, philosophers, education law experts, advocates, law enforcement officials, writers, editors, computer savvy creators of interactive lessons and classes, teachers of a English as a second language, and so much more.

So let’s celebrate the teachers in our lives. Send some donuts or other goodies to school, or bring flowers, or just say a sincere “Thank you” to your child’s teacher.

In the midst of all of the parent complaints, changing education laws, and endless piles of paperwork to grade or copy or shred or write or whatever, your child’s teacher will be so grateful that you took the time to acknowledge her as a person and professional that is important in your life.



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