Outdoor Classroom

fall-331485_640The weather is beautiful outside, and the kids are still antsy from summer vacation. Now is precisely the time to take the kids outside. And you can do this with any age, any subject. Even homeschool!

Littles (PK-3)

  • go on a flower hunt or leaf hunt
    • count the petals or leaves, add them, subtract them, multiply them
    • group my color, shape, size
    • measure length, width
    • check to see if they float or sink
    • do leaf rubbings
    • dry them, create a collage
  • local stream
    • float different plants in the stream, discuss water cycle
    • look for different dirt, discuss mixtures
    • look for footprints
    • make mud pies
  • trees
    • bark rubbings
    • compare leaves: size, shape, length, width
    • learn about types of trees
  • read, write, draw

network-539757_640Middles and Upper (3-12), in addition to the ideas above

  • reenact history: battles, discoveries, etc.
  • science outside
    • many grades study the water cycle and plants early in the year, find some connections!
  • reading: read around the playground, read poems about nature, read short stories about nature, hold reading groups outdoors
  • writing: write poems/stories about nature
  • math: measuring, fractions, symmetry, addition, subtraction, multiplication, division, shapes
    • create math sidewalk games: hopscotch, create your own

What else do you do to mix it up for your kids?



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