10 Ways to Tell Your Teacher is Awesome!

With a new school year comes new anxiety, especially about whether your child got an amazing teacher. Here are a few dead giveaways that your kid’s teacher is the best ever:

1. She dresses like Ms. Frizzle:

For real, everyone loves the Frizz. Every student wants to be in her class, and every teacher wants to actually be her, complete with pet iguana and magic bus. 

2. He greets each child by name, on the first day:

This teacher is with it! He has probably spent hours pouring over the school database, matching faces to names, reviewing last year’s test scores and report cards, and has probably read the letter that your child has written her.

He is ready to get the school year rolling, and your child will be along for an awesome ride!

3. Play is assigned as homework:

Your teacher understands that childhood is short, and wants to make sure that every child gets to have one. Send your student outside in the fresh air, maybe even join them.


4. The arts are included in regular class time:

The arts are critical components of a well-rounded and complete education. This teacher is going above and beyond to ensure that every child is exposed to paint, Picasso, music, and Mozart as part of the classroom routine.

5. There are frequent updates on classroom activities:

This could be in the form of a newsletter, a personal email, a note home, or even phone calls.

If she is truly spectacular, she does all of the above.

Her newsletters are professional, put together, and polished. There is not one word out of place, the images are crisp, and spelling and grammar are on point. Her emails, notes, and phone calls are warm, sincere, and straightforward.

This teacher doesn’t pull any punches, and wants to create a team with you.

6. There are extension activities, and some of them involve the whole family:

Most teachers have a fast finishers basket, but does your teacher challenge the students to use their skills in new ways, to really push themselves?

If so, he is probably an amazing teacher! The extensions are well-planned, multi-disciplinary, and meaningful.

There might even be creative components, or family field trips involved. This guy knows that students should be pushed to achieve their best, and he checks in frequently to make sure they are getting what they need.

7. She seems to like working in this school, district, and with her teaching team:

A person who loves teaching, and loves who she works with and for, is sure to promote a positive attitude. This will carry over to her teaching style and create an amazing classroom atmosphere.

8. He is not afraid to fail or be silly:

Your teacher gets it: we are human, and no one is perfect.

He teaches this to his class every day, maybe even on purpose. He lets the kids seem him fail.

When he’s excited about something, he is pumped. Perhaps there are dances, or songs, or skits.


He is invested in the curriculum, and that alone makes it memorable to the students.

9. The classroom is organized, but not perfect:

The teacher knows where things are, so your permission slip or your child’s report are not likely to get lost.

She has a system, and uses it daily. Your child will potentially become more organized as a result.

But she also knows that life is messy, and learning is a journey not just a result. So there are half-finished projects, and paints, glue, and crayons around the room. Books are out of place, and there might be a “to correct” pile on her desk.

She is working hard to keep your children engages in learning, while still keeping it together and orderly.

10. Your teacher is literally magical:

We’re talking magic wand, fairy wings, Hogwarts style magic. If you notice this, your year is handled.

Tell me: What has your favorite teacher done to make herself/himself outstanding in your mind? What do you look for in your child’s teacher?



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