School’s Out for Summer!

But that doesn’t mean that your student should stop learning! In fact, studies have shown that a student who reads over the summer will return to school in the fall with less regression.

Regression is when a student forgets skills acquired in the last grade over a long break in the school year or between grades. According to the National Summer Learning Association, students will score lower on grade level assessments at the end of summer, as opposed to taking those same tests at the beginning of the summer. In addition, the NSLA also sound that students lose about two months worth of mathematical skills during summer vacation. This amounts to right around 20% of a school year’s worth of learning!

However, you can help your child fight summer slide!

All it takes is picking up a book!

Almost every single public library in the US has summer reading incentives. Scholastic, Inc. makes it even easier, by going virtual! By reading throughout the summer, and talking about reading with your child, you are helping to maintain and build vital reading skills. Your child will improve in fluency, comprehension, and critical thinking skills.

Trust me, your child’s teachers will thank you in September!

Meg Flanagan, M.Ed.


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