Education Advocacy

Let's help your child find school success today!

Education Advocacy

Working with an advocate can help you find the confidence and strength to ask for what you already know your child needs.

Your advocate is not here to be your voice, just to help you find and refine your voice.

Meg uses her years of experience as a licensed K-12 special education teacher plus her knowledge as a parent to help busy families ask for what their child needs most in school.

Add Meg Flanagan to Your Team

Meg Flanagan has worked in education since 2008. She holds an M.Ed in Special Education with a focus on Autism Spectrum Disorders, Specific Learning Disabilities, and ADHD. Meg has taught exceptional children in traditional classrooms and in homeschools across the country and around the world.

With two children of her own, Meg understands how important parents are to the education process. Her goal is to help you find your voice and feel confident!

What MilKids Ed Clients Are Saying:

I can’t say enough about Meg!! We moved in late Jan and our daughter was having some issues in school. A fellow friend told me about Meg and I immediately contacted her. She has helped us SO much. My daughter is on grade level for reading and has improved greatly in math. All around just her enjoyment of school has improved. Meg helped me with my communication between her teachers and myself to make sure (my child) was receiving the support she needed!
Melanie W.Coaching Client

IEP Meetings

It’s easy to get overwhelmed and confused at IEP meetings. So much jargon and so many data points! Before you sign something you don’t understand, consult with Meg to help you navigate the finer points of the IEP.

Special Education Advocacy: IEPs

  • Data Review: Meg can go over your child's test results, grades, and work samples with a fine tooth comb. She'll provide a detailed report of her professional opinion. Sample IEPs available upon request.
  • Meeting Prep: Work with Meg to get ready for your next IEP meeting. Create a meeting script, practice what to say, and organize your data together.
  • Meeting Support: Meg can be right by your side, in person or virtually, for your next IEP meeting. Let her provide your strength and support on a difficult journey.

504 Plan Advocacy

504 Plans can be overlooked and undervalued, but they are so important to help students succeed at school. Don’t let the school bully you into agreeing to a plan that doesn’t make sense. Or drop the ball on the accommodations your child needs.

Special Education Advocacy: 504 Plans

  • Data Review: Make sure your child is getting the right accommodations when Meg reviews test scores, the current plan, and class work.
  • Meeting Prep: Get set for your next meeting with personal advice that will help you stand strong for your child.
  • Meeting Support: Don't go it alone, bring Meg with you! Whether in person or virtually, Meg will be right there to provide the support and guidance you need to get the best results for your child.
  • Allergy Support: Help your school understand your child's severe or life-threatening allergies with common sense accommodations. Meg's dairy allergy gives her special insights!

Gifted Education Advocacy

Gifted children are in a tough spot: not federally recognized, but with tons of academic needs that need support. Help your school understand your gifted or high achieving child when you work with Meg. She’ll explain your child’s needs and provide opportunities for the school to add academic challenges.

Gifted Education Advocacy

  • Data Review: Take a peek inside your child's brilliant mind when Meg reviews work samples and test scores.
  • School Suggestions: Help the school support your child. Meg will offer common sense, teacher-friendly ways for your child's school to offer more of a challenge
  • Additional Support: Make sure the school truly understands what your child needs when Meg helps you explain. She can support you at meetings or guide your written communication.